34 weeks and I'm feeling...swollen

**these photos were taken at 32 wks.**

I've seen a couple of bloggers fill this out during their pregnancy and since I have been such a slacker at documenting my pregnancy I figured I'd give this a shot! It would have been fun to see how things have changed throughout my pregnancy by filling this out every couple of weeks, but I guess I know better for next time! I hope you enjoy it!

How far along: 34 Weeks
Total weight gain: I think I'm around 15 lbs more than my starting weight (I've been terrible at keeping track!). It's always a little startling to see the scale go up, but I keep convincing myself some of it is the baby himself! 
Maternity clothes: If I leave the house it's always maternity clothes (or shirts that used to be really loose on me). If I stay home (which I usually do) it's my husband's basketball shorts and his old t-shirts. He keeps saying his wardrobe is shrinking, which I can relate to. ;) 
Stretch marks: All over my belly. I had been just using cocoa butter lotion but that didn't really seem to be doing the trick. I'm using Palmer's Stretch Mark cream or whatever now, and it helps but I hate the smell. 
Miss anything: So many things, but mostly being able to lie on my back and having normal sized feet (stupid swelling!).
Movement: Let me tell you, this kid loves to move. This week he seems to enjoy sitting in my rib cage. He's also grown enough that he can hit me on my right and left side simultaneously. I miss when he could only be on one side at a time. 
Food cravings: Mostly just chocolate and fruit. I will have really intense cravings occasionally, but there isn't one thing I want all the time-unless it's chocolate. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: I'll get nauseated when I get too hot. I'm so looking forward to September and the cooler temps!
Have you started to show yet: Absolutely! I could take someone out with my belly!

Gender: Little man.
Labor signs: I think I'm getting itty bitty Braxton Hicks contractions, but I can't really tell. I just get a weird vibration feeling at the top of my stomach. It's just weird-if you know what it could be please do tell!
Wedding rings on or off: It's officially off. I had to take it off on Saturday and then I put it back on, on Sunday, which was a bad idea. Once I finally pried it off again Jason and I decided it was time to keep it off. I do not want them to have to cut if off of me! 
Looking forward to: Being done! I'm not quite ready for him to come yet, but I am ready to be able to move like I used to!
Belly button in or out: It's half and half. It's trying to poke out but it's not quite there yet. (I'm thankful for that. Bellybuttons weird me out.)

Happy or moody most of the time: Unfortunately, moody. Poor Jason, I know I'm being annoying, over emotional and mean, but I can't help it in the moment!


I wanted to mention that I try really hard not to complain about being pregnant because I know it's such a blessing and the many women struggle with infertility. I was on the other side of this not too long ago, but I have to admit being pregnant can be really hard sometimes. So, please don't take my complaints as ingratitude towards pregnancy, just know that there are hard times in every situation. 

Outfit details:
Skirt: Similar (dress refashioned as a skirt)
Shoes: Sperry
Necklace: AEO