Thanksgiving with eShakti

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I was very spoiled growing up in the sense that my mom is an amazing seamstress. Whenever we went out shopping and something didn't fit quite right my mom knew how to adjust it so that it would work on my shorter frame. She made me dozens of skirts and dresses while I was growing up all that fit perfectly because they were made to my measurements. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with her sewing skill and I took all this for granted.

Where I live there aren't a lot of good places to shop, so I end up doing a lot of online shopping, which scares me to death. I'm always nervous about buying something without trying it on first, especially because I'm so short, but that's where eShakti comes in.

eShakti is an amazing company whom I've worked with a couple of times. They specialize in creating custom clothing, made to fit you. Every item you order can be made to your exact measurements so that you get the perfect fit every time. You can add sleeves, determine the length and add or remove pockets (although let's be real, who doesn't want pockets in their dresses?).

I wanted to share an amazing opportunity with you guys! eShakti is offering a $25 gift coupon to all of my readers! All you have to do is click here, enter your email and they'll send you the $25 gift coupon. No gimmicks, I promise.

They have an amazing selection of cute dresses (as well as skirt and tops) and $25 off will go a long way! Head over check it out, I promise you'll find something you love! I had a hard time narrowing it down to these four dresses!