(Not-So) Baby Boy's First Birthday Gift Guide

One year old boys gift guide on www.rebekahanne.com

I am really excited because Benson's first birthday is coming at the end of the month (I'm also freaking out, a lot, that my baby is growing up so quickly!!) However, I feel like we're finally getting to the stage where he will be excited about gifts-or at least new toys!

I have few key things I wanted to get Benson, but as I was looking around I had so much fun finding cool things that I decided I would create a little gift guide in case you are searching for some fun things to get the one year old boys in your life.

Ultimately, kids need two things for their birthday toys and clothes, so all of my picks are from those two categories.

First up, I know Benson really needs some new jammies. While I love foot jimmies on kids, I totally prefer separates on Benson because he is so long and it's hard to get his legs into the footie jammies.

A tool kit to match Dad and help out with any new house projects is essential (plus I saw my nephew with one and I knew we had to copy him!)

A soccer ball for two reasons. 1. We are soccer players so we are trying to influence his taste and 2. Chasing a ball around the house keeps Benson so busy, so I can get stuff done.

Plush cars were not even on my radar until I saw these. Benson puts everything in his mouth. e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. He loved playing with his cousin's cars when we saw them so I knew I wanted to get him some cool cars and these Melissa & Doug ones are just icing on the cake. I discovered Melissa & Doug last Christmas when shopping for my niece and nephew and fell in love with all of their stuff.

I love the idea go getting Benson some building blocks because he has a few and loves them already. I definitely love the "lego" aspect of these because he can still use them as he gets older.

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