Christmas playlists to fit your mood

I have to have different songs for different moods and these playlists are broken down to fit my Christmas moods!

I love having Christmas playing the background when I'm doing Christmasy things like baking, decorating or wrapping presents. On Sunday night we had our first real snow fall and Jason and I just sat on the couch and watched the snow fall. I put on some Christmas music as we sat there and it really just made the moment perfect.

The only problem I run into when turning on Christmas music is that I'm really particular about the mood the music gives off. I end up skipping through a lot of songs if they aren't fitting my activity and mood. I mentioned this to Summer yesterday when I was reading her Merry & Bright Playlist. She said I should create playlists based on moods and I loved the idea! So, I put off today's scheduled post in favor of this more festive one.

I am generally in two moods when listening to Christmas music: gentle and cozy or fun and crazy, so I created two playlists to fit each of these moods. I will warn you all that these playlists are country artist heavy, but I just couldn't get away from my favorite artists!

My reverent list is for quieter occasions, like watching the first snow fall. It contains more classic Christmas songs and hymns.

The second playlist is more for cookie baking, driving in the car and dancing in the kitchen.

What are you favorite Christmas songs? What should I add to these playlists?
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