Fall Wish List 2016

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Fall weather is here and I'm ready to break out all the fall fashion staples. From plaid blanket scarves to Hunter Wellies it's about to get so cozy in my wardrobe! Click through to see what else is on my must-have list!

I can't even begin to tell you guys how excited I am to fit into clothes again! And fall is the perfect season to start wearing fun clothes after being pregnant. There are lots of layers to hide that mommy pooch and everything is super comfortable! It's going to be glorious!

I've rounded up a few of my must-haves for the season so that once this baby comes (and I know what size I am again) I can start buying exactly what I'll need.

Plaid shirt

Somehow,  I do not have a functional plaid shirt in my wardrobe! It's crazy because I love the laid-back feeling plaid offers and it's such a classic staple. I really want a red based plaid shirt and would even be tempted by a a buffalo plaid! 


I definitely have a good pair of booties that I'll be busting out for fall, but I don't have any gray booties so I'd love to add a pair to my collection! I like closed toe booties because the winter sneaks up on me quickly in Idaho and I like to be able to wear them for as long as possible. If you're in a warmer climate a peep-toe bootie would be a great summer to fall transition piece! 


I'm a t-shirt girl through and through. It's always the first thing I reach for and a new comfy loose fitting tee sounds just about perfect right now. I especially love that t-shirts make great building blocks for fall layers. A tee, scarf and jacket paired with some jeans and you're comfortable and perfectly presentable! 

Crew neck sweatshirt

I'm usually a hoodie girl, but I love the versatility of crew neck sweatshirts! They give off a very casual vibe, but can easily be dressed up by adding a collared shirt underneath. I also love the graphic sweatshirt option! I have seen a bunch of cute mom related ones floating around Instagram lately and I want them all! 

Plaid Blanket Scarf

These blanket scarves have been a huge thing for a couple of years now and somehow I still haven't picked one up! I like to see how trends play out before I invest in them because I don't want to drop a lot of money on something I'll wear for one season and then never wear again. Luckily I think I can add a plaid scarf to my closet because they don't seem to be going anywhere! Plus I've loved the look since it first came out a few years ago. 

Hunter Wellies

I have a navy pair of Hunter Wellies and I LOVE them. I wore them so much last winter that I want to add another pair to my closet. I love the red glossy wellies because they add a fun pop of color! I linked the Huntress boots because they have a wider calf and a shorter shaft for anyone, like me, who has thicker calves. My current Hunters hit me in the back of the knee, which can be annoying so I'd love to try out the Huntress to see if it solves that problem! 

Trench Coat

I absolutely love the classic silhouette of the trench coat. It's classy and can be dressed up or down so it's perfect for every occasion. However, you're going to have to spend a bit more if you want a nice trench, which is where I have the hardest time! Cheap trench coats aren't going to hold the shape as well as more expensive ones, so make sure you really love it before you buy! You can also mix up the length on a trench coat. I prefer a mid thigh trench coat because my small frame just drowns in anything longer, but you taller ladies can totally rock a mid-calf or ankle length trench without batting an eye!

Distressed jeans

I think I may be the last person alive to own a pair of distressed denim, but I'm so picky about it! I haven't found the right pair for me. I love this pair from American Eagle, which is where I buy all my jeans. I love that the distressing is backed so you don't see my legs. Winters in Idaho are really cold and I try not to expose any skin; I want a pair of jeans that can be worn year round. 

What's on your fall wish list? Did I miss any great fall staples?