3 Reasons to protect your hair from the sun this summer


Last week we talked about how to keep your hair safe from pool water, but what if you’re sitting pool side, or like me splash pad-side, then you’ll need to protect your hair from sun damage! Just like the sun can damage your skin, your hair is very susceptible to dryness, damage and sunburns!

Yes, hair sunburns are a real thing

When your hair absorbs too many UV rays it can cause a lot of problems, we’ll go more in depth on these issues, but know that your hair can get burnt just like your skin!

To avoid extreme damage to your hair you should protect it! Just like you apply sunscreen to your hair, you’ll want to apply something to your hair! I use products on my hair that include crodasorb, an ingredient that absorbs UV rays and keeps them from penetrating the hair strand. My favorite shampoo and conditioner have cardasorb, so my hair is protected from regular exposure to the sun.

However, if you’re going to be out in the sun for a longer amount of time, then you need an extra layer of protection! Before I got out in the sun, I like to use a masque or leave in conditioner to provide that extra layer of protection.

Sun-bleaching can permanently damage your hair

We’ve all been had our hair bleached by the sun, but I don’t think that many of us realize what that really does to our hair. When the sun bleaches your hair it damages your hair in the same way that chemically bleaching does!

The damage from having your hair sun bleached can be permanent, unless you take action to repair it. It won’t just change the color of your hair, it can damage the cuticle and protein content of the hair.

In order to protect your hair from getting bleached, wear a hat! I love throwing on a big sunhat because they provide a lot of coverage for your hair and skin. If you wear a baseball cap, or another hat that doesn’t have as much coverage, make sure you protect your hair with cordasorb!

The sun can dry your hair out

When your hair is getting a “sunburn,” or being bleached, the UV rays that your hair is absorbing are sucking all the hydration and moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle and extremely dry. The ends of your hair are especially going to suffer because they are already the driest part of your hair.

In order to turn your hair from dried out straw back to soft, silky locks you need to rehydrate your hair! My best suggestion is to use the Advanced Hydrating Collection. Remember, hydration requires water, so you’ll want to infuse each strand with water to rehydrate it!

The Advanced Hydrating Collection comes with a shampoo, conditioner, masque and a double action hydrating serum, basically it’s like giving your hair a huge glass of water! It’s a quick fix if your hair is overly dry! Make sure to focus on your ends so that they are as healthy as the rest of your hair!

In order to combat dry hair, you should also increase your water intake! Drinking water is absolutely essential to healthy hair, especially when it’s dried out!

If you’re worried that your hair may be damaged from sun exposure, shoot me a message and we can chat! I’ll help you determine what issues you are facing with your hair and,best of all, how to correct them! Hair health is just as important as skin health when it comes to the sun, so be sure to take care of it!

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