Oh, it is love

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. They went to BYU-Idaho, and were in the same ward. They met during Sunday school, where he was the teacher. They met again when the girl's roommate taught Sunday school a few weeks later. The girl talked to the boy's roommates during Sunday school, and invited them over to watch a movie. The boy came with his roommates to the girl's apartment, where they ended up talking a lot. He went home and told his roommates that she seemed really fun. She told her roommates he was really cute. The girl tried to find ways to see the boy, and ended up inviting his apartment over again. The boy and his roommate tried to make a cookie and ice cream castle {it didn't exactly work}, but everyone ate it anyway.
Notice that the boy and the girl aren't sitting by each other
One day the boy saw the girl outside of her religion class. He said hi, she said hi {and was a tad giddy about running into him willy-nilly}. One day after her religion class, the girl was really excited and rushed out to "casually" say hi to the boy. She didn't see him, and was kind of sad. So, she started to begrudgingly walk to her next class, when she saw the boy around the corner. She got all excited and said hi, but kept walking, when all of a sudden she realized that she was spinning around {because she really wanted to talk to him} but she realized that she had nothing to say. Wide eyed, and embarrassed she just kept walking away. That night the boy talked to her roommates about her "spin move" and her roommates came back and reported the girl tried to play if off like she was cool, but the boy saw past her.

The despite the embarrassing "spin move" the girl decided to ask the boy out on a date. She made his invitation.

 He texted her saying he made a sexy cowboy, and that he would go out with her. Their first date was spectacular. They ran through the Rick's gardens shooting marshmallows at people, she did some country dancing {to impress him}. He pretended to kiss her, and dipped her really low {where he wanted to kiss her for real}. He went home and told his roommate it was the best date he'd ever been on.

A few weeks later the boy and girl hung out again {with their roommates}. One by one the roommates left, and the boy and girl were along on the couch. She was playing with his Macbook, and they ended up having a lot of fun {again}.

Luckily the night that the girl and the boy hung out, was the Friday leading into Thanksgiving break. They proceeded to spend everyday of the break together. By Tuesday, they could almost see the tension growing between them. So while they were watching The Office, the boy kissed the girl. It was wonderful.

They talked, and realized they had a lot in common. They both like politics, they both loved soccer, and they both had the same sense of humor.

Photo courtesy of Garth Walker: Classic Photography

A few weeks later, finals were approaching, and so was Christmas break. The boy and the girl knew that they did not want to be apart, so they made plans to have the girl come visit the boy over Christmas break. They counted the days until she would go to Maryland. When the day finally arrived, and she was off the plane, she ran to the boy, who kissed her again.

She met his family, and liked them {they liked her too}. He took her to D.C. and they played tourists {even though she really was one}.

They knew that they wanted to be together forever. They made plans for him to meet her family. They drove to Oregon. He asked her dad for permission to marry her. Then the boy proposed to her after a nice dinner in Portland {you can read more about it here}.

They got married in the Portland, Oregon temple for time and all eternity on April 16, 2011. They plan to live happily ever after.

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