Why I joined an MLM when I said I NEVER (ever, ever) would.


Raise your hand if you know someone who is in an MLM. Have they endlessly bugged you to host a party, buy products, or even sell it yourself? I TOTALLY know how that goes. I used to HATE MLMs. I told myself I would never join one becuase I hated that it changed my friends in selling machines. After a lot of the people I knew joined a MLM it was all they could talk about. Not to mention, the MLM Facebook takeovers, where no one posts anything personal anymore, it’s all about their products. I hated the whole thing.

Then, my friend, who was also my hair stylist, started selling Monat, and she couldn’t stop talking about it. I listened because I respected her opinion as a stylist, but I still knew I wasn’t going to join. The products were expensive and I already used salon-quality products so I didn’t think I needed them. However, I hated my hair. If you know me in real life, you know how important my hair is to me. I’ve learned to embrace my natural curl, which took years, and I loved my natural hair color, but wasn’t afraid to go red every now and then (becuase who doesn’t want to be a red head?) But despite loving my hair in general, my hair was still having issues that I couldn’t fix. Which brings me to the first reason I joined an MLM when I said I never, ever. ever would. * Cue the Taylor Swift music *

The products solved my problems

My hair tends to be quite frizzy by nature. I have wavy hair that isn’t quite wavy enough to be called curly and it’s not straight enough to wear it straight either. I’m a weird in between. Unless I curl my hair it’s a hot frizzy mess. That’s how it’s been my whole life. On one particularly frizzy hair day, I had my hair in a braid (to try and tame it) and had a few face-framing pieces out. I was at my friend/stylist’s house and was complaining about my hair being frizzy, so she grabbed some Rejuvabeads and ran them through my face-framing pieces. Instantly, my hair looked sleeker and was so much softer. I was completely blown away.

I started to consider selling Monat after that. I knew the products were amazing, just after one use and I wanted to see if they could solve my other big hair issue.

I am obsessed with top knots - or mom buns, whatever you want to call them. I”m 99% sure that I wore a top knot exclusively for a year. Anyway, my obsession lead to having really bad scalp pain on the top of my head. It would ache whether I wore a bun or not. My hair wouldn’t lay flat there either. It drove me nuts! I couldn’t do anything to change how my hair looked or how my head felt. Everything caused me pain. I tried not waring my hair up at all and not even putting it up in a towel after the shower, to stop the pain, but nothing was really helping. I was at the point where I thought I would need to chop my hair off in order to fix them problem. Again, if you know me I do not like cutting my hair because it grows so slowly.

I tried a sample of the Intense Repair Shampoo and the Revitalize Conditioner.and within one wash my head felt so much better. I couldn’t believe that a shampoo could heal my head! You can check out my initial reaction to using the shampoo for the first time In my Facebook Group.

Right then, I decided to take the leap into Monat. I didn’t want to just use the products, I wanted to sell them.

I LOVE and USE the products.

Let’s be 100% honest. If you don’t love and USE a product you’re thinking about selling, then you won’t get other people to love or use them either.

I legitimately LOVE products by Monat. Now, not every product works best for my hair, so I don’t use every single product, but I’m legit obsessed with the ones that I do use. (If you want to know which ones I’m in love with check out my shop page!)

I did not want to start selling Monat until I had used the products. I did not talk to anyone about starting my own business before I tried the products myself. i knew that in order to be genuine and to tell people how well these worked, I had to experience them myself. I just told you how I was introduced to the products, so let me tell you that It only took that one wash for me to become obsessed. I didn’t feel like I needed to go through an entire bottle of shampoo in order to tell other people about it. I knew that it worked and I knew that it could help other people to love their hair again. And when you find something you love that much, you have to share it with the people you love!

It was a quick and easy way to start a business.

I am not new to being a small business owner. I run my own content marketing business and my husband and I have started a few small businesses together. And do you know what starting a small business takes? A whole lot of time and a good chunk of change. Even to start a small business online, you end up having a lot of costs! A website, branding, inventory, supplies, etc all take a huge investment in order to be successful. What I love about MLMs is that a lot of the start-up costs and work are taken care of for you.

I did have to invest a few hundred dollars into starting my Monat business, but I got a lot of product with that money, which allowed me to try more products and get a feel for how the products work. However, I don’t have to keep any products in stock, which means that I am not constantly spending money on products that I may or may not sell. Monat allows customers to purchase products straight from the website and then ships them directly to the customer. I don’t have to worry about shipping anything to my customers! Which means. that if I’m swamped with my other jobs, or busy just being a mom, my customers don’t suffer. They will still get their products when they ordered them because they aren’t waiting on me!

Not to mention, being part of an MLM is a great way to create passive income! There are months where I work my tail off to bring in new customers, but then there are months where my current customers place an order, without any prompting from me, and I make money! I love that I can be active and passive and still make money in this business, as long as I treat it like a business.

I knew I could run an mlm without being spammy

Remember the number one reason I didn’t want to start an MLM business? I did not want to be “that person.” “That person” who did nothing about stalk friends and family begging them to buy from her. I wanted my personal Facebook page to remain a personal Facebook page. I did not want to plaster it with sales and products and more begging people to buy stuff from me.

That just isn’t me. And honestly, I don’t think it’s a lot of people’s personality. That’s why “I’m not a salesman” is the most frequent response network marketers hear when they ask people to join their business. And I’m here to tell you, you don’t make sales in this business by being a salesman. You do it by being an influencer.

That’s how I run my business. I aim to connect with people and to show them how this business and these products have improved my life. I have a mission to help other women build a life that they love. Because that’s what I want! I want to love every aspect of my life. I’m tired of saying, “i have a good life, but I hate my job.” Why do something you hate? Instead of sitting around hating parts of your life, change them!

If you have a good life but you hate that you don’t get to travel, then do something about it! If you have a good life, but hate that you have to spend time away from your kids, then change it! You can change it, no matter how hard it is. Trust me. I’m in the same position.

If you’re ready to build a life that you love, and you feel like starting a non-spammy, MLM business is right for you, shoot me an email. Let’s chat and let’s make your life absolutely lovely.

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