Sundays equal good shoes day

Cardigan: Target Dress: Fred Meyer Socks: Costco Shoes: Macy's Belt: gift

Sundays are a special day, and here's why:
  • It's church day {and let me tell you, church yesterday was phenomenal}
  • I get to sleep in
  • Jason and I meet up before church and talk
but, finally the most important part {for this blog}
  • People wear their cutest shoes. 
Sundays are the day when I check out people's feet. I've probably said this before but Jason really appreciates that I check out boots {or any shoes} and not other boys. Yesterday, I saw lots of cute shoes. There was a pair of yellow pumps {with like 3-4 inch heels} and a pair of short gray peep toe boots. I may have gotten a little jealous. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get a close up of my shoes yesterday, but my fabulous roommate, Sarah, took pictures of Jason and I, so you get those instead. :)
I told him to pose, he did, I love him.

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