"That's Awesome"

Bun: The Daybook, Vest: F21 Shirt: Down East Outfitters
Pants: American Eagle Boots:Famous Footwear
Today I went to devotional with Jason and it was uplifting {as usual}. At BYU-Idaho we have an hour long meeting every Tuesday, where speakers {prominent members from the LDS community, or teachers} come give faith promoting talks to the students. One of the coolest experiences I had with devotional was last semester, when I got to sit back stage and help with the teleprompter. The man who is in charge explained how it works and that President Clark {the president at BYUI} is good at ad-libbing, as well as following the teleprompter. Since then I have tried to guess when President Clark is following the teleprompter or ad-libbing. Today I saw President Clark ad-lib. He was introducing the speaker and said, "I also believe he has one great-grandchild", then he turned around to confirm that fact with the speaker, the speaker confirmed it and the President Clark said,  "That's awesome."

I don't think that it was just hearing the president of a university utter the words "that's awesome", but it was his tone that really made my day. It was almost said under his breath, and like he didn't really know what else to say.This may be trivial, or not entertaining to the rest of you, but it made my day. 


...here is {possibly}the  real reason you read my blog: the shoe post! 

I bought these boots for the mere fact that I live in Rexburg, and I needed a pair of flat boots. I have lots of boots, but none that I could walk around in on a day to day basis. 

Featured Shoes: Black Boots 
Boots: Famous Footwear
Why I love 'em: They are comfortable, and I can wear them when I have to hike around Rexburg, in the snow. I also love the cuff on them.