Feliz Cumpleanos

Well I celebrated my twenty-frist birthday last week.
I thought it was going to be a fun night out with my hubby, 
but instead he threw me a surprise party.
Thanks to everyone who came, and for making such good food!

Josh and Lisa made the amazing cake.
{caramel poke cake with health bar on top}

We had a delicious dinner, my favorite is burritos so everyone helped contribute!
Lisa and Sarah made delicious guacamole.
DeAnne, Scott and MacKenzie brought tortillas, meat, and salsa.
Jans and Lauren brought Dr. Pepper and other sodas ;)
{DP is the only one that mattered to me!}
Riley and Sarah had limes, beans, and  let us use the house!

Jason and Jen {Kemp} brought these amazing strawberries.
They were filled with a cream cheese vanilla mixture and dipped in crushed graham crackers.

Then came some awesome presents!

DeAnne, Scott, and MacKenzie gave me this awesome card 
{that literally had me laughing out loud}
and they gave me a six pack...of rootbeer. 
I love a mormon's 21st birthday :)

Jason and Jen {Kemp} brought their two little boys, 
and their six-year-old made me this cute card. 

Nicole got me this spectacular piggy bank.
Now, I can save up to buy new shoes!!
{the little boys also thought it was fun to put change in it! 
Too bad the change came from my wallet!}