Wedding Shoes

I must say, my husband has excellent taste in footwear. 
I have been planning my wedding shoes, for forever.
Most girls look at wedding dresses and try to find the perfect one,
 but I always pick my shoes, then kinda go with whatever matches them. 

So, my favorite shoes are my wedding shoes.
They are the beautiful turquise pointed toe high heels.
I have to admit, I have had these shoes for quite some time.
I got my first pair when I was a junior in high school.
I wore them until they were beat, and then I had to search everywhere to find another pair.
I bought this pair my freshman year of college, and have loved them.
I'll be the first to admit, they hurt like heck.
I can maybe wear them for an hour and then I have to take them off, 
but they are my favorite color, and so awesome that it is totally worth the pain. 

I mentioned how Jason has excellent taste right?
Check out his alligator skin two-toned winged tips. 
{he bought these before we even met, it's a sign we were meant for each other} 
He has actually had these since high school as well.

I don't know whose shoes were more complimented more, but dang, our feet looked good.