Birthday overflow

My mom called me on my birthday and told me that she hadn't had time to send out my present.
Apparently I have "emotional" siblings.
I don't blame her in the least.
My little brother was reporting for his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
about a week after my birthday, and my little sister was graduating from high school a week after that.
Not to mention, I got married a month before my birthday.
Needless to say my mom's been pretty darn busy.
{she's one of those supermoms} birthday package did come this last weekend,
and I loved it. 
I am an avid reader, when I can find time to actually read. 
My mom gave me two books. ♥ ♥
One was written by a lady in my home ward.
{it was excellent...I finished it in three days...}
She also sent an Oregon sticker. 
{which I forgot to put in the picture}

My little sister also sent me a birthday gift.
Taylor Swift greeting cards.
We have a little ritual where we send each other T. Swift cards for each other's birthday.
I was in Rexburg on her birthday, and could not find a card anywhere. 
So I sent her a ridiculous one with a fluffy dog on it. 
{and Jason sent her a dollar, he's a generous guy}.
Well, Hannah bought me a bunch of cards so next time I wouldn't have to 
rely on the unreliable Rexburg, Idaho.

Thanks Mom, and Hannah. 

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