My day off

I got today off, and I finished all of my homework by Wednesday,
so I spent the day by the pool {after cleaning and doing laundry}, with my {amazing} new book.
It was just what I wanted to do with my day off but...
there are drawbacks to sitting out for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Like getting a really bad sunburn.
{with ridiculous lines}

Then I made cookies and had a glass of milk for Jason when he got home from work
{I love being domestic}
annnd then we went for a swim, and laid out again, and I finished my book.

Since Jason loves me so much, he went out an bought me some aloe vera,
And rubbed it in while I made dinner.
Which, I was quite excited about. 

Seven Layer Bean Dip.
I will even tell you all seven layers because it was so scrumptious.
refried beans
sour cream + miracle whip + taco seasoning {it's the best layer}
hamburger seasoned with minced onions and limes 
and then for good measure, I squeezed more lime juice over the top.
{I love limes, it's new and it's awesome}

And I know that's really only 6 layers, I can't figure out why we call it seven layer...
But, it was delicious. 
Jason {the almost professional cook} even admitted to it's amazingness
{and let me tell you, cooking for him can be intimidating, did I tell you he made pesto lime burgers the other day? Best burger everrrr}

And to finish off the almost perfect day off, 
I'm sitting out by the pool while Jason and Jans play water basketball.

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