High Waisted Pants

Undershirt: Down East Outfitters Tank: F21 Shirt: H&M Pants: JC Penny Heels: Sears

I fear that in my return to blogging you might think I only wear high waisted pants. I promise I don't. It's just that my only cute outfits include high waisted pants. My other outfits include anything striped with jeans and hot pink flats.

Which reminds me, I should probably show you all my hot pink flats. Perhaps tomorrow.

Also, I didn't wear these shoes today because I had to trek all the way across campus and back. However, in my head I wanted these shoes with this outfit, so I wore them for the photo shoot.

Immediately after pictures I changed into sweats and my favorite Raisin Bran Crunch T-shirt that is cover in paint. It's fun being cute, but it's lovely being comfortable.