Hot Pink

Shirt: F21, Vest: Marshalls, Pants: JC Penny, Shoes: 1318

These are my new infamous hot pink flats. I love them. I also like to call them my "I'm never getting hit in a crosswalk" shoes. They are so bright it's crazy fun to wear them. Whenever I think my outfit is going to be boring I just ad these shoes and all of a sudden it's fun to wear.

I'm excited for next week because it's a week-long Open to Interpretaion link-up with KaylaErica and Grace. I love OTI. It really helps me use what I have to create looks that I wish I could pull off. Check out their blogs and join in if you feel so inclined.

But, it's Friday, which means I have an eye appointment, grocery shopping and some Chick-fil-a eating to do. I'll see ya'll on Monday!