Growing up

There are times in every girls life when she realizes that as much as she really wants a new pair of riding boots there are more important {and actual needs} things to spend money on. I came to this realization last night.

Last year Jason and I lived in a 300 sq. ft apartment with almost no carpet. We didn't see the need to buy a vacuum, we ended up finding one at Walmart for $10 that would vacuum the small amount of carpet we had. Now we live in a bigger apartment that is more carpet than cold linoleum. Our $10 vacuum just wasn't cutting it, and I couldn't take it a second longer.

So, naturally I hopped online and started looking for a cheap vacuum that would get the job done. I was debating between two different vacuums (both under $50, because I am cheap, but needed the thing desperately). I ended up impulse buying a new vacuum.

And that's how I realized, I'm an adult who can't impulse buy a curling iron, or new clothes, but give me a choice in vacuums and I'll have a new one before 5.

ps: I am going to keep the giveaway open until Thursday so more people have the opportunity to enter!
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