Life as of late

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I do have a great excuse though! My photographer {aka husband} hasn't had time to take outfit pictures with me; therefore, I give you "life according to my iPhone"

My life lately consists of caramel apples. My husband is running a business on campus as part of the business program, and they sell caramel apples. Also, they are delicious, and you should buy them ;) {sorry for the shameless plug, but I would eat all of them if I could}

Waking up at the same time the sun does has its perks.

I went as Peggy Carter to a Halloween party on Friday {more photos to come!} 
Jason was Captain America.

I found this perfect leaf on my walk to school today. It is the epitome of fall.

I'm obsessed with this song right now. 

Like I said before, Jason is doing the IBC {that's the program} so I spend a lot of time waiting around for him to finish...and I get bored so i just take pictures of my feet...

Have I mentioned I like fall?

PS: Have you entered the giveaway yet?
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