The Big City

Well folks, I just got back from Salt Lake City last night. I had to go down with my journalism class to cover the elections {if you like many people are asking why a bunch of Idaho students went and covered Utah elections I have no answer other than my teacher made us}.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't too excited about going on this trip. I thought the election coverage could be fun, but we also visited a few companies while we were there. I have no plans to live in Utah so I figured that the visits would be really pointless for me. 

As it turns out the election coverage was a total flop and the visits were really useful. The best thing about the trip was my classmates. We all had a fun time getting to know each other. There are nine of us in this class so it was easy to all hang out. 

I am in a family history class right now, so I was pretty stoked
about walking past the Family Search Center. 

Lunch at the Garden was sooo amazing. Everything was crazy good.

These are the subject lines about our election night articles. 
Yes, we did all hate that part of the trip. We also hated 
staying up until 2 a.m. writing the articles and putting them online.

We hopped off the tram and I realized we were right next to 
Temple Square. 

We got to visit the Mormon Channel {they are responsible for
Mormon Messages ect} It was a ton of fun to sit in the studio.

The view from the restaurant was incredible.

At Deseret Digital Media they had this cool mosaic. 

Also, today's Thirty Days of Thanksgiving is that I am home 
and don't have to worry about this trip anymore!

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