A hypocrite…kinda

I don't know if I've told the blogiverse a lot
about my job, but I write a lot of blogs for a 
chiropractor/physical therapist/weight loss/
acupuncture/sleep disorder center (and 
yes, that's the services for ONE place!)
It's the same place I worked at over the summer. 
That being said, a lot of my posts are health related like:
and a lot of the time I feel super guilty when writing these
because let's be honest; it's cold and I don't want to workout
even though I say it's so easy. Or, I love stuffing my face
during the holidays. I think one of my new year goals is 
going to be to take the advice that I write and actually
start doing what I suggest other people do. 

(In my defense, I do use a lot of the advice from our weight loss
director and fitness genius, who is awesome.)
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