Going through a miscarriage is kind of an awkward endeavor. Miscarriages are actually fairly common, therefore; tons of people have gone though one and some people may think that it's so common and it doesn't really need to be talked about. But, I feel the complete opposite about it.  When you loose a baby (no matter at what stage) it's so sad and heart breaking.  And it feels like a taboo topic. But, no one would ever say talking about a grandparent who passed away is taboo.
So, why should miscarriages be taboo?

It's been a couple of months, but I still have some really hard days. Like Sunday. It's the holiday season and I was supposed to be five months pregnant, but I'm not. Having realizations like that is really hard. I'm grateful to my friends and husband who understand what I'm going through and never make me feel bad for wanting to talk about, but are supportive, bring me ice cream and just want me to be happy. so, thanks guys, you're the best. 

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