Fashion vs Style

I saw this quote the other day and it just hit me. (although to be honest the real quote was slightly grammatically off, so I changed it just a smidgeon)

Growing up I never knew what my style was. My mom constantly asked me in attempts to help me find clothes that I liked and I could never tell her. My favorite outfit was jeans and a white t-shirt, which to be honest, I still love. I thought I should like Hollister because all my friends did and I never really loved the one thing I bought from them. I only did it for the logo, or because everyone else was doing it. 

When I began blogging and following fashion blogs I started to find my personal style. I have a very classic style with a menswear influence-yet still with a feminine vibe. I love stripes-seriously my husband has banned me from buying anything else with stripes. I love the nautical look (did you know Old Navy has a whole nautical section? I fell in love with almost everything).

However, I still fall prey to the fashion side of this quote. I bought chambray shirts, leggings and a gold watch because that's what blogs said were popular (although, I really do love all of those trends). Printed or colored pants have been on my wish list for over a year because I saw so many bloggers wearing them, but whenever I try them on it's just not for me. 

As much as I love my blog and trying new trends and finding my personal style, I feel like a fraud when I call myself a "fashion blogger." Mostly because I don't feel that fashionable. I could direct you to numerous websites where you'll find, what I like to call, real fashion bloggers. They shop at J. Crew and have all the cutest and latest trends. 

On my blog you'll find F21, H&M and anything else I can find for super cheap. I've had most of my clothes for 3+ years, I rarely buy anything new (simply because I'm too cheap) and I'm always a year behind the trends.

But, I've come to learn that this is ok. I don't have to embrace every trend just because it's fashionable. I can have style without shopping at the hottest stores. I can create my own style by wearing pieces I already have in my closet. Style is who I am and what I like. Fashion is who someone else wants me to be or wants me to like. 
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