I originally wore this outfit with brown riding boots. I knew something wasn't right about it, but I went out and ran errands anyway (I know I just talked about never leaving my house yesterday, but I did actually get out on Saturday when I wore the original outfit). I kept asking my husband if the tights were too vibrant, or if it was too much grey. It wasn't until we had some people over and we were all talking that I finally looked down and my legs and said, "This would look so much better with booties."  So, here is this outfit's take 2. I like it a whole lot better since you don't see a weird 6 inches of maroon legs. You get like 10 inches, because my legs are incredibly short. 

Outfit details:
Beanie: Gift (Similar)
Vest: F21-old (Similar)
Shirt: YogaColors
Skirt: DressBarn-old (Similar)
Tights: No Boundaries (Similar)
Boots: Nordstroms
Watch: Bora (Similar)

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