Whenever I wear this shirt I can only think of Llama puns, so let me get this out of the way: Como te llama?

Ok, now that that's out of the way I can get serious. I think I need to start living a more thrilling life. Every time I sit down to write something up for this here blog I come up empty. Here are the thoughts that usually run through my head.

"I can talk about how I actually put on real jeans today! No, wait, I talked about that two days ago..."

"I should talk about this _________ (skirt, boots, tights, shirt). Actually, I think I talked about that last time I wore this…"

"The weather, let's talk about the weather….SERIOUSLY BEKAH? THE WEATHER?!?!? Is that seriously the most interesting thing that's going on right now? uummm... Don't say yes."

These are my excellent reasons that I need to have more adventures (and by adventures I mean interact with humans on a daily basis, and possibly leave my house).  Also, I think this might be a good idea so I don't have conversations with myself…(like in that last example).

Any ideas on what to do on cold dreary days that involves leaving my house?

Outfit details
Shirt: Down East-old (Loosely Similar)
Skirt: Dress Barn-old (Similar)
Tights: F21-super old (Similar)
Boots: Nordstroms
Watch: Bora (Similar)