Lately I've gotten into the terrible habit of comparing myself to others. Not in the, I'm fat; they're skinny. I'm short and they're tall, sort of way. But, in more of a, "I'm not as successful has she is," "I'm not as important as her, because I'm not doing _________" or "I'll never be as good at ________ as she is."

Generally, I'm a happy, upbeat person and I try not to compare myself to others. My mom used to tell me that there was always going to be someone who was better at something than I was and that I had to be happy with where I was at. I know I'm not the best at a lot of things. But I need to remember that I'm really good at some things.

I think sometimes in order to boost ourselves up we need to do a little bragging. Like, I'm not the most successful Facebook marketer on the planet, but last week at work I had a post that reached 1.4k people. That's huge for me! My typical posts reach 100-200 people, so reaching over a thousand people is just pure awesomeness. (I also feel like I can't really take credit for this because I honestly have no idea how it happened.)

I guess the moral of my story is: it's easy to be jealous of other people's accomplishments, but I'm not them and I need to be happy with my own life and what I'm doing in it. It's OK to strive to be better and to look up to these people, but I don't have to be them. I'm not always at the same point in my life as they are, and that's just fine.

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