To Grandpa Emmett

Dear Grandpa, 
I'm always going to be thankful that I grew up in Oregon
so that I could be close to you. You were always such a great 
example of how to live life, and what was truly important. 
You taught me so many lessons, probably without even knowing it.

I'll always remember the reverence and awe that your home held.
From the while walls and carpet to the glistening crystal dishes scattered
around on end tables. It was such a beautiful home, and I was always
afraid to dirty any part of your home with my child-like ways. But you
understood that I was just a child who wanted to play and you were always 
willing to let us pull out a few toys and play on the carpet despite the risk 
to its pristine whiteness.  I kind of imagine heaven will be like that. Beautiful, 
clean, white, but our Heavenly Father will allow us to play and make a mess
because he understands that we are just children trying to live, learn and love. 
Thank you for being that kind of example to me. 

I've always bragged about you. I was always so proud to be your great-granddaughter
because it meant that I was coming from an amazing legacy. You accomplished wonderful
things in your lifetime, and my only regret is that I didn't spend more time hearing your stories
firsthand. However, the stories I did hear will always stick with me. I loved hearing about
the time you spent working with different people in the church.You knew
so many amazing people. I love that President Monson signs his letters to you with his name,
"Tommy." Your spirituality has always been an inspiration to me. Your dedication and service
to the church always inspired me to devote at least an ounce of my time to the Lord, just like

As I grew up, and didn't feel the urge to play on the carpet, I enjoyed asking you about
your book collection. You had some great reads on your shelves, but you had so many 
more books with interesting stories behind them. I'll never forget your boy scout 
handbook with "Tommy" written on the pages. I never thoughtof you as "Tommy," but 
I love that you were once a little boy running around with his friends. I also loved the 
Book of Mormon that Spencer W. Kimball gave to you; I loved how
 you treasured, but always pulled it out of the box to show me whenever I asked.

Grandpa, most of all I want to say thank you, for marrying and sealing Jason and I together
for time and all eternity. It was my dream to be married by you, and although I would have 
understood if you said no (you were 99 years old after all), I'm grateful you said yes. 
You meant so much to me and I'm so glad that I meant enough to you to have you
perform that important ordinance. I enjoyed getting advice from you about marriage and how
to keep our marriage strong. You knew exactly what we needed to hear and 
I try to remember that advice everyday. 

I'll miss you Grandpa. I'm so glad that you're with Grandma Zalia now. I never got to meet
her, but I've heard about how lovely she was, and I'm grateful that you get to be with her
again. I can't wait to see you both again in Heaven, and to get to know you two together. 

Love always,