Welcome to Rebekah Anne

Things may look a little bit different since you last visited (and I'm not talking about my ever expanding belly!). I've been wanting to make a big blog change for a long time now, and I finally got up the nerve to do it!

I felt like I outgrew the name Head Over Heels a year after I started blogging, but could never come up with anything else the suited me. I think trying to come up with a baby name sent me towards a new blog name as well! I'll be real with you guys, my name is Rebekah but not Anne. 

I didn't have a middle name until I got married (when my maiden name became my middle name), but my mom used to call me Rebekah Anne when I was a kid and I always liked it. So, while it drives my husband insane that I'm using a name that's not technically mine, I really liked the sentimental feel of it and decided to go for it! Hopefully, you all like it (or at least tolerate it!) and stick around. 

I won't be chaining the URL to Rebekah Anne for a few more weeks just so that I don't lose anyone along the way! I'll keep you posted when I do make the change though!

Also, I apologize for the horrible lighting in these photos. Ants kept attacking me and I didn't want to stop and retake all the photos. If you have any good ant remedies to get rid of ants (that don't include lighting them on fire...because I probably end up accidentally burning my house down) please share because if I find them crawling up my leg one more time I might freak out a bit. 

Outfit details:
Dress: Target (old)
Vest: American Eagle (really old)
Belt: JC Penny
Booties: Nordstroms