Hidden Gems

This dress was a hidden gem. One of those pieces that seem to hide in the back of the closet until one day you rediscover them and don't know why you haven't been wearing them all along. 

 I was really into this fabric in...middle school, maybe my freshman year of high school? I don't remember. All I know is that pencil skirts, blazers and sheath dresses out of this fabric were seriously in style. My mom bought the fabric and planned to make me a little suit out of it, but it never happened. She stumbled across it when I was getting married and made me this dress instead. We paired it with a purple ribbon around the waist to belt it and while I loved the dress I felt like a five-year-old in it. Instead of figuring out other ways to wear, or really tracking down what was making me feel like a little girl in it I just let it sit in my closet. 

That is until, today. I was really in the mood for a spring dress and I saw this hiding between all my other dresses I knew I wanted to wear it. I put it on and I realized that the only thing I didn't like about this dress was the bow. I switched it out for a silver belt, threw on my favorite heels and instantly, it was the dress I had always wanted. 

It's crazy how the littlest thing can keep us from an overall amazing piece. I think the key ingredient to feeling like a "gown up" is throwing on a pair of heels. My feet were crazy swollen when I was pregnant and then the ice that is native to this area prevented me from wearing heels during the winter. However, today was the perfect spring day so I threw on some heels and presto I felt like a million bucks.

p.s. does anyone know what this fabric is called? It's driving me crazy! I must know!!