4 Years going on Forever

Yesterday Jason and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. I am so thankful for anniversaries because it gives you a reason to be all lovey dovey express what you love about your spouse. Each day this month I've looked for one reason why I am thankful for my husband or one thing that I love about him. Here's 16 reason my guy is the best.

This is like 3 seconds after we got engaged. 
1. He is the handyman. He takes care of all those things that I never learned because I have 5 brothers. He fixes things around the house all the time and does the jobs that I hate doing.
2. He makes talking with me every day a priority. He always calls me on his lunch break when he could go out with friends to lunch instead.
3. He is an amazing dad. If he had his way he would spend every second with Benson. He takes the last feeding of the day and it's always Daddy & Benson time, just the two of them. (Seriously, I'm barely allowed in the room to say good night!)
4. He can grow one heck of a beard. And I love it! I think I'm in a minority of girls who love beards, but when Jason was in school and wasn't allowed to have a beard it was the worst. I think beards look so. dang. good. And this guy seriously knows how to grow one. 

5. He's an amazing cook. If you know anything about Jason you know he's a master chef. He grew up in the kitchen and loves cooking. While he's great in the kitchen he's even better on the grill. I did not appreciate BBQ or smoked meats until I met him. Now, his smoked turkey is the highlight of my Thanksgiving. 
6. He is smart. When we first met Jason told me he didn't enjoy school, but after watching him ace 90% of his classes in college, take the initiative at work, start his own business and even do some writing and "blogging" of his own, I have to brag about this guy's brain. 
7. He gets me out of my ruts. If I had it my way I wold watch TV 24/7. Thankfully, I have Jason who gets me outdoors. Whether it's in the back yard just enjoying the sunset or going for walks at the park Jason makes sure that I don't waste my life away with Netflix. 
8. He's helpful. There is rarely an occasion when I'm working and Jason isn't. He helps around the house, does a majority of the yard work and definitely takes care of Benson (see number 3). Although, he does try and make me change the really dirty diapers ;) 

9. He's thoughtful. Jason does small and big things for me that are totally out of the blue. When I started working from home I didn't have a desk, but Jason got a huge one for me and then painted it in the garage without me knowing. I love that desk because it's symbol of his love. 
10. He's a hard worker. Throughout our marriage Jason has taken jobs that have kind of sucked just to make sure everything would work out for us. No matter if his job is ridiculous or if he loves his job he is so diligent and doesn't slack off. 
11. He cares about my dreams. I've always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom and Jason knows that. While it's not something we can do right now he's always taking steps to help me retire, which means a lot to me.  
12. He jokes with me. I love that we have lots of inside jokes together. Even if it's just repeating a line from one of our favorite shows that we both found hysterical. It's so nice to have someone to laugh with when life can be overwhelming. 

13. He takes me places. If you know us in real life you might think I'm lying about this one, because Jason says he hates traveling, especially now that we have a baby, but he has taken me out of my comfort zone traveling wise. Before I met him I had never been further east than North Dakota. He's taken me to Maryland, DC, Miami, Virginia, Delaware, Philadelphia, and so many other fun places. My love for the east coast is entirely because of him.
14. He's interested in the same things as me. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of different interests, but we also love a lot of the same things. I remember one of the first times we met we mentioned something about politics and I warned him that I loved politics so unless he really wanted to get into it he should probably not say anything to me about it, but as it turns out he loved politics too and I finally found someone to talk to about my love of politics. (nerdy, but true.)
15. He broadens my horizons. There are a lot of things that I said I'd never do, but because our tastes are really different Jason has introduced me to a lot of fun things. I thought I would never have a garden, but last year that was something we really enjoyed doing together. 
16. He loves me. Sometimes he shows it in ways I don't understand, but I know that he loves me and wouldn't trade our little family for anything.