Pinterest Perfect

1. The great cookie experiment: I love chocolate chip cookies, but they don't always turn out perfect. This pin helped me understand what I need to do to get perfect cookies! 

2. Fireplace faux wood stack facade: I'm all about that bass wood. I love the stacked look and I think this would be beautiful and make your fireplace pop when it's not in use. 

3.  Corilynn: I love Cori's blog and pretty much everything she does. Have you seen her clothing line? *swoon*) This girl knows how to rock stripes. I'm going to have to snag this sweatshirt soon!

4. Gilmore Girls: I've been watching Gilmore Girls and I love all the great Paris moments. Of course, Buzz Feed nailed it with this post. 

5. Stars and Stripes Turban: I love the turban look and Merrick rocks this one-that she MADE. You may have noticed that one of her tutorials made it on my last "Pinterest Perfect"post, but she is the queen of DIY in my book. I'd love to make this turban for all the patriotic holidays coming up and then like a million more just because.