A Manly Man's Father's day gift guide

Father's Day Gift Guide for the Manly Man

I don't know about your husband, but my husband is a manly man and the typical gift guides that I come across just don't fit my husband's interests. I knew that I needed to put together a manly man's gift guide for Father's Day. 

My number one pick (for my hubby at least) had to be this 6-burner Charbroil gas grill. Jason is the BBQ master and we BBQ All. Year. Long. He's been such a good trooper and has bought almost all of his grills/smokers second hand, so I know he'd love a brand new grill, especially one with room for a turkey or two. Also, if you're worried that I said "all his grills/smokers" I didn't make a mistake. He has 1 gas grill, a baby grill, and 3 smokers. Now you can understand why this is number one!

Next up would be some camo seat covers for his truck. If your man is the outdoorsy type (and he probably is if you're considering this list of gifts) then you know his truck could use some extra protection from all the mud he'll track in after some time outside hunting, fishing or hiking. I love that this one covers the middle seat too so that everything is 100% protected. 

Does your husband take care of your yard? Then I'm sure he'd love this Husquvarna Chainsaw. This one is going to be heftier than the "Harry Homeowner" chainsaw, but it will get the job done. My husband took out two trees in our backyard with this sucker and it performed like a champ. If you're going to be doing some bigger projects it's worth investing in (and then calling a present.)

Jason and I have been eyeing/coveting these Cablea's Zero Gravity Lawn Chairs for a year now. We sat in some last summer and they were the most comfortable chairs ever.  They recline which may have been the tipping point for us. I would actually buy a set for Father's Day so that we could enjoy our summer nights together without fighting over who gets the good chair. 

Apparently, Ka-Bar knives are the manliest knives around. I had no idea until I asked my husband what would be good for this list. Developed during WWII these knives have been used by the military and are top of the line. I'll be honest, they do look pretty cool so I can get behind them. 

I'm not really into hiking, but I know that if I was more open to it Jason would be dragging me through the Idaho wildlife and he'd need a good pair of hiking boots. I picked out these Helly Hansen "Reptide Mid Ht" waterproof hiking boots, but I like to think they'd be husband approved. 

What are you getting for your manly man this Father's Day? Anything you would add to this list? I'm always looking for gift ideas so please share them with me!