If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have already seen this photo, but I thought I'd give the rest of you a quick look into my real life this week!

To make a fairly short story really short, I had my appendix removed on Monday. To make that story a little longer, here are a few details. 

Sunday night I had an upset stomach, which I credited to some delicious homemade ice cream that I indulged in despite suffering from a lactose intolerance. I can still say it was worth it, because I my appendix would have been an issue even if I hadn't eaten the ice cream!

I couldn't sleep very well Sunday night because of my stomach pain and I ended up throwing up once in the very early hours on Monday morning and then again when I tried to wake up and go into work. 

I took most of the day off on Monday and made a doctor's appointment because my stomach pains were a lot worse than I felt like a lactose intolerance.

I went to my doctor's office at 2 p.m. and they took some blood samples, and ran a pregnancy test to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. After my blood came back they said that my white blood count was twice what it should be and that along with the lower abdominal pain was appendicitis until proved wrong. They sent me straight to a surgeon. The surgeon poked and prodded and told me that I had appendicitis and that it needed to come out. He sent me straight to the hospital. 

Once I was checked in at the hospital, it turned into a waiting game as there were three surgeries ahead of me. I lost my cool once because I was starving, thirsty and in pain any time I moved around. Luckily, my nurses were very kind and tried to help me out even though they still wouldn't let me eat or drink. 

Around 9:30 p.m. they took me back to go into surgery and the anastesologist put the mask on my face and said, here's the sleepy juice. The next thing I knew I was looking around in a dimly lit room and asked the lady sitting beside me if it was all over and if I could have some water, which she obliged and I started munching on ice chips. 

I think I drank like 5 glasses of water and a 7Up before I finally went to sleep, which was well after 2 a.m. because as it turns out not having an appendix feels amazing. I felt like I could do anything I wanted now that I was no longer in pain. However, since I was at the hospital and only had my phone on me I just watched The Mindy Project on my phone.

Jason and Benson picked me up from the hospital Tuesday morning with flowers and donuts. The nurses offered to keep Benson, but I missed him so we kept him with us and went home as a family. 

I'm still recovering, so you might not hear from me for the rest of the week. But I am co-hosting The Creative Closet on Tuesday. The theme is weekend wear. So snap some photos of your comfiest or most sophisticated weekend wear and don't forget to link up! I'll probably going the comfy route...
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