When being your own photographer is hard

Did you know that I take all of my own blog photos?

It's true! Which probably explains a lot.

I like to think I've gotten the whole tripod and remote game down, but I have a lot of photos stored on my computer that remind me otherwise and keep me humble. Today I'm going to share a few with you because being your own photographer is hard work! #TheStruggleIsReal Let's call this post a blooper reel, which is a much cooler way to say, I'm a dork sometimes.

1. Sometimes you're so wrapped up in posing you forget to hide the remote.

Hiding a remote is a lot harder than it looks I promise! Posing is also hard, but you'll see the truth of that throughout this post.  

2.  Despite being the one taking the photo my timing is still off. 

I should have no excuse, but sometimes I try to strike a cool new pose while the camera is already doing its thing. You just can't stop inspiration.

3. No one can tell you when you're completely out of focus.

Like, completely. This happens a lot more often than I'd like to admit. But at least I was having a killer hair day. 

4.  Outfit malfunctions are really hard to catch until after you've taken a million photos...in the cold.

And then sometimes you say good enough and pray that your photoshopping skills will be enough to fix that hot mess. 

5.  It's hard to set up the tripod without knowing exactly where the subject will be. 

Don't worry I only took like five pictures like this before I was able to fix it. 

6. Some poses just. don't. work. ever.

I'm not even sure what I was going for here. But I'm glad it didn't make the cut.

Is your #selfie game on point, or do you prefer to have photographer behind the lens?
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