Zak Deodorant Review

This post is sponsored by Zak Deodorant. All remarks and opinions are my own. I was provided a sample deodorant to review. 

I've given up my favorite deodorants for Zak's all natural deodorant and I'm not looking back. Click through to find out what made me take the plunge!

I am a tried and true kind of girl. If I like a product I'll stick with it forever. Just ask the Neutrogena face wash that's been restocked in my shower since high school, my mink Covergirl eyeshadow that's I've been using since...middle school? (yikes!) or the Degree deodorant I've been buying in bulk for the past couple of years.

I loving knowing which products work for me and I'm definitely loyal to them, that is until I notice that they aren't performing as well as they once were. I started to notice that about my beloved bulk deodorant a while ago. Not only was my deodorant not really giving me all-day protection but I noticed that my skin was starting to react to it. I was dreading summer when swimsuit season would force me to put my armpits on display (this post is feeling very TMI right now, sorry about that!)

I had started thinking about different products I could try that would give my underarms the nourishment that they needed but would still keep me smelling fresh throughout the day. I had debated using different products for mornings and evening so that I could get the nourishment from one and the strength from the other. But then, as if they knew my internal struggle, Zak Deodorant contacted me about their natural deodorant line that promised to fix all of my problems.

I'm not typically an all-natural product user -- I'm more worried about just getting the job done -- but I was willing to give up all the chemicals for coconut oil, earth clays and aloe vera if it could help solve my current deodorant problems.

So I agreed to try Zak Deodorant and tell you all about my experience. And guys. I might never go back to regular deodorants. Turns out these natural ingredients really can get the job done.

First, all of my skin problems are gone. My underarms are soft and smooth and my skin looks great. The one thing I was really worried about with a natural deodorant was that it wouldn't hold up to a full day of toddler and puppy chasing, but it totally has! I also love the smell! I chose the Elevate scent, which has a sage, rose geranium and vanilla and I love how soft and feminine it smells!

I've given up my favorite deodorants for Zak's all natural deodorant and I'm not looking back. Click through to find out what made me take the plunge!

One of the awesome things that I wasn't expecting when I switched deodorants was saying goodbye to the white residue that deodorant usually leaves behind. I always try to wait for the deodorant to dry before putting my clothes on, but it never helped. I ended up with residue either on my bra or my shirt and it drove me nuts! The Zak Deodorant doesn't leave a residue! I didn't even know that not having deodorant residue was an option!

The only downside to Zak Deodorant is that it's going to be a bit pricier than your average drugstore deodorant. I wish I knew if it lasted longer than my old deodorant, but I just don't keep track of that type of thing! However, I think the benefits outweigh the price difference, especially if, like me, your deodorant just isn't getting the job done anymore!

I'm really excited because Zak Deodorant wants to give one of the chance to switch up your underarm game too! Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win your own Zak Deodorant!

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