Are you ready to really tackle your goals?

So you set some goals this year. What are you doing to accomplish them? Click through to find out what helps me accomplish my goals and grab a FREE worksheet to help you reach your goals too.

I set out this year with some lofty goals and the first few weeks in January I really pushed myself to reach them. Then last week something changed and I was completely unmotivated to accomplish anything.

I felt overwhelmed. Like my goals were unreachable and no matter how hard I worked I could never accomplish all of them.

I am very easily discouraged, so when I felt this wave of panic and stress wash over me I let it affect every aspect of my life. Which in turn, pushed me further away from my goals, stressing me out even more. I was caught in a vicious cycle!

I realized needed to do more than just set goals. I needed to plan how I was going to accomplish my goals-especially when I didn't feel like it was possible.

The goals I set in January were year-long endeavors. I knew that they would each take some work and that I would need to come up with a plan of attack for each goal, but I never created that plan.

Now, I’m learning the importance of breaking your goals into bite-sized pieces. I’ve found that giving yourself something to do on a daily, weekly, or even, monthly basis helps you reach your goals. Planning keeps you  on track, and being able to cross something off your list regularly keeps you motivated.

My new system breaks down each of my goals into manageable steps and sets a due date so that I know when I need to have something accomplished by. I always have something I'm working towards and once I finish it I feel that sense of accomplishment, which in turn, gives me the motivation to tackle the next task.

I love this system because it works for all of my goals, not just my blogging goals. This month we had some home projects that needed to be accomplished and we were able to finish them using this system! It felt so good to get those projects off our plate so that we could move on to something new!

To help you reach your goals I’m giving you a worksheet that allows you to outline your smaller goals. As always you can set your main goals on your monthly planner and then you can break down each of those goals with the Goal Planning Worksheet.

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What goals are you working towards? What is your favorite goal setting method?