A top notch top knot.

Is there one thing you do to feel put together each day? For me it's doing my hair. If my hair is down and curled it means I got ready for the day. A messy bun means I have no where to go, nothing to do and I probably won't be changing out of my yoga pants today. Which is a lot for one little bun to say.

I woke up Sunday morning with every intention of curling my hair but when it came time to actually curl it I just wasn't in the mood. I brushed my hair and wrapped it up in a top knot tried to make it as clean and pretty as possible so that it looked presentable enough to go into public with it atop my head.

When my hair is up I always opt to wear a scarf. I get kinda claustrophobic when I wear a scarf with my hair down, which is super weird, I know. I love that the scarf added some dimension to this outfit without feeling overwhelmed. Plus it helped add a little more color into the outfit, which always makes me happy.

I wore this to church, but would totally wear it for a casual day out as well. Simply adding heels could kick the whole look up a notch, but we walk to church so I usually opt for something flat and snow-proof. (Please appreciate my clear walkway. We spent all day Saturday shoveling snow and ice to make it visible and more visitor friendly.)

What is your favorite way to do your hair? My second favorite is a braid. I love braids. 
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