When being your own blog photographer is hard #2

I had so much fun with my last blooper post (you can see it here) that I though I would make it a regular thing! Every couple of months I'll share some of the photos that don't make the cut...because I just look weird in them. Enjoy!

1. Sometimes your son wants to come outside with you and you have to keep him entertained

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Not only is being in the house by himself boring, but I'm a little afraid that he'll destroy it in the 10 minutes it takes me to take photos. So he sat in the stroller and then we played in the snow. 

2. If you can swing it, you can entertain your son while he's inside and you're outside. 

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 On the flip side of number one, if you can see your son from your outfit location and keep him entertained he'll watch from the door and not destroy the house. It's really a win-win. Except when I catch this face on camera...but then again, it made a good blooper. Win-Win-Win as Michael Scott would say

3. Posing is just really hard. OK?

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Posing is always going to be in list of things that make being your own blog photographer hard. I just need someone to tell me how dumb I look! Like what am I doing with my face? Do I need to sneeze? Am I trying to hard to be vogue? On the good side, my dress looks really cool here. 

4. The "I almost had it"
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Everything about this photo is great. It totally would have made it to the original post...if my eyes were open. I'm not really sure if I was trying to be cool and look down away from the camera, but it just looks like I've been told to close my eyes and picture myself on a beach. 

Do you like blogging bloopers? What's something you struggle with being in front of the camera?